I've always been frustrated whenever the new Horizon Report comes out that it's a future-facing effort with little reference to the past predictions about "what's on the horizon." Sure, you can find all that on the NMC website. You can find it in wikis and in PDFs. But you can't readily find it in an open data format that makes it easy to compare what predictions were made and when, what happened to those predictions and why.

At first, I thought I'd just update an old image I'd bookmarked from 2012. But then I realized that a JPG file hardly solves the problem of "open data."

So today I downloaded all the past years' Horizon Reports for K-12 and Higher Education. I created Google Spreadsheets to track the year, the trend, the horizon (that is, the time until adoption), a description of the trend, a URL, and an image. Using Kin's CSV-to-JSON tool, I've made a bunch of JSON files. They're all sitting in this GitHub repo.

Tomorrow's task: make a nice interface.

Audrey Watters


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