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Horizon Report History Project

A Hack Education Project

Every year when the NMC Horizon Report comes out, I wonder how the predictions compare to previous years. It's not so much that they're always wrong. (Predictions about the future almost always are.) It's that without a nod to the history of those predictions, it's hard to see the report as much more than an embrace of the narrative that "everything changes; new procurement is inevitable."

This project was first conceived to liberate the Horizon Report data from PDFs (the future still seems to involve PDFs, dammit) and make the information machine-readable and visualize-able.

For analysis about the Horizon Report, as well as updates to this project, visit this site's blog.

In the meantime, admire this nice chart I made of the history of the Horizon Report's predictions about the future of technology in higher education:

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Image credits: Bryan Mathers